Bringing Belgian Style and Class to Canada

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Belgian luxury, re-introduced to the Canadian market.

Since 2015, Flanders investment and Trade has partnered with over 150 Belgian businesses to position them for entry into international markets. Also, Belgofurn which is a division of Fedustria (the Belgian Furniture, Textile and Wood Association) supports the export of products within the sector.

Working with these two partners among others, IDC Home has positioned itself as a leader in the importation of award winning high quality Belgian furniture to Canada. Belgian furniture is popularly known for its restrained elegance, combining elements of older and modern designs, neutral colour hues, contoured lines and aspects of nature. 

IDC Home opened a Belgian Design Experience Centre in Toronto where we display exquisite Belgian design furniture and accessories making it easily accessible to Canadain retailers, designers, decorators and architects in the retail, hospitality and outdoor-living industries.

Our showroom concept offers designers, architects and retailers the opportunity to see these unique pieces of furniture not just individually but part of a larger setup. It also creates an avenue for them to explore some less obvious aspects of the furniture and certain accessories. 

Because Belgian furniture is not just about aesthetics, even though they are beautiful, many pieces involve extensive engineering for added utility and comfort that cannot always be adequately appreciated through a photograph or video. Further, our design experts at the Toronto showroom provide product training to showroom visitors.

The Belgian Experience centre in Toronto truly brings the Belgian experience to Canada. Exhibiting top furniture and accessories by foremost Belgian designers, any designer or architect can explore a range of designs to furnish any home or commercial project from top to bottom. 

All our designers are carefully selected because of their innovative, sustainable and timeless designs. 

To learn more about Belgian bespoke designs, book a showroom appointment at our Experience Centre today.