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What components make for a perfect night’s sleep? Is it total comfort? Rest and relaxation? Breathable fabric? Belgian design lives at the intersection of quality and innovation, bringing together the necessary components that build a space unique to the sleeper. Masterful products that have been thoughtfully created means not having to choose which qualities you can and can’t live without. Building a better bedroom is achieved when all elements are synonymous, meeting the needs of the individual and the personal style of the space. 

IDC Home has proudly built strong relationships with Belgian brands that understand this fundamental truth: luxury and innovation is achieved through quality. The Revor Group and Mirabel Slabbinck are two Belgian companies, built from the ground up and rooted in function, modularity and beautiful detail that is custom made to client specifications. In creating products that are not only well-built, but unique in design, these brands have found a way to deliver ultimate comfort and re-invent homes across the world.

Revor knows that it all begins with the bed

The focal point of every bedroom is in fact, the bed itself. But what makes it the focus is not only it’s size and relevance. It’s the function and modularity that contributes to the room’s overall purpose: sleep and restoration. The Revor Group began as a family owned company founded in 1964, which then introduced the first luxury latex mattresses in 1970. The brand’s true focus has, and always will be, handmade products. Very few companies in the world can manage the complete process by hand, adding a layer of exclusivity to the beauty and craft that is achieved in Revor’s work.

In addition to it’s handmade nature, every Revor bed is customizable. Committed to offering over 300 fabrics in bedroom styles that range from modern to classical, this Belgian product offers premium ergonomic support that is designed to the client’s exact specifications, every single time. In addressing common issues such as back pain and chronic discomfort, Revor guarantees an individualistic, quality sleep that cannot be achieved from department store models which are targeted at mass populations. This is known by the Revor Group as “the WOW factor” and provides every sleeper with a bed that is built to meet their sleep goals and aspirations.

Offering designs from ultra modern to Elizabethan all under one roof, Styldecor Handmade Luxury Beds, part of the Revor Group, carries pieces which meet the needs of every personal style, while considering innovative trends at every turn. What’s most brilliant about Belgian design in this way, is the freedom to have both function and beauty without needing to compromise on one or the other. The Revor Group recognizes innovation by excellence, in their effort to bring more holistic products to market – such as Styldecor’s newest box spring made with all natural resources. On the cusp of modern technology, the Revor Group embodies an eco-model which facilitates the full transportation and recycling process for disposed mattress, as to breathe new life into quality products. In being transparent about these efforts and their correlation to thoughtful luxury, Belgian brands such as Revor, are making comfort and durability guaranteed in the Canadian market. 

Styldecor by Revor Group, now accessible with IDC Home. 

Mirabel Slabbinck’s premium linens make all the difference

Equally important as the bed structure itself, are the materials it’s lined with, creating a personal oasis of comfort and contentment. Bed linen in its truest form, should evoke feelings of ease, rest and beauty, while matching the individual style of each client. A four generational family company, Mirabel Slabbinck became known for their gold embroidery work, before diversifying with their home linen collections. Now recognized across the globe for their superior service and craftsmanship, the brand’s attention to detail and custom labels are unmatched.

The service provided throughout the design process is an added value to their top quality, and the evidence is in the artwork. Mirabel Slabbinck inspires their customers to invest in luxury, with a premium range of fabrics, colours and sizes that are entirely customizable by personal style and taste. As experts in the industry, these top tier products are crafted by analyzing the recipient’s sleep patterns to create bedroom furnishings that promote a relaxing, intimate night’s rest. Mirabel Slabbinck offers an exclusive look at the design experience, allowing buyers to follow the process from initial sketch, through production, onto completion. Known as a “game changer” for sleep, Mirabel Slabbinck guarantees items of the highest quality while expediting timely delivery, worldwide.

By inviting the designer into the brand, Belgian craftsmanship understands that the beauty is in the details, and is the master of creating unique concepts that elevate a house, to a home. Mirabel Slabbinck is the elegant touch that furthers this reputation, and brings to life a bedroom which speaks volumes about the sleeper. Acting as a personal consultant, the brand’s dedicated team determines the best fit fabric, thread count, and colour combinations to achieve not only an effortless look, but a luxurious feel that remains for years to come. 

Discover Mirabel Slabbinck, now through IDC Home.

Make your bedroom feel like YOU

In truth, Belgian design is the secret to long lasting quality that is as functional as it is elegant. Remember what it feels like to relax and rejuvenate in a space that’s been made your own, without compromise or restraint. Achieving all components for a perfect night’s rest can be achieved, and done so professionally when working with Belgium’s top designers. IDC Home offers exclusive access to these brands and products, handling complete logistics and providing a seamless experience. 

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