Magnitude is a premium brand of a comprehensive, exclusive, handmade and modular Boxspring bedding program offering the widest range of product combinations and accessories in order to inspire you to create your own personal dream bed.

To provide you with every comfort, Magnitude also offers a variety of bedside tables and ottomans.

  1. Offers a unique sleeping concept that allows you to create your personal luxury bed, based on your own creativity. You choose the various parts, you determine the fabrics. From classic to modern design, from baroque to surreal, from safe to outrageous, …

  2. Traditional craftsmanship and know-how, learned, cherished and fine-tuned by each consecutive generation. Handmade of course.

  3. Most personal comfort through a perfect support. A real symbiosis between aesthetic magic and balanced ergonomics.

  4. Offers you inspiration and passion for luxury design and personal styling. Conceived and proposed by our own stylists or famous designers and brought to life by our master upholsterers.

  5. Perfectionism and premium quality guaranteed, through production in our own studios, great service, and an unlimited sense for detail.