Bedroom design

With 35 years of experience in the European market, Plutex has proven that their premium down products add a touch of style to your bedroom. They offer a rich contemporary design to perfect your bedding collection. All of their down duvets and pillows are handmade with passion and craftsmanship. Using all natural Eastern-European down, which is among the softest, best insulating, high loft fills in the world, they specialize in creating tailor-made solutions for the ultimate sleeping experience. 

To guarantee the best quality, Plutex produces their blankets and pillows themselves. They exclusively use carefully selected down types. While manufacturing, they rely on three Eastern European down qualities of a particularly high quality: 90% Gray Hungarian Goose Down, 95% White Polish Goose Down and 100% White Pilzner Goose Flum.

Thanks to many years of experience, Plutex has become a specialist in the world of down blankets. To them, a downy softness combined with a pleasant warmth ensures a down blanket that contributes to a comfortable sleep.