Why Belgian Design is The Right Choice for Every Home

See why Belgian design is the right choice for every home

For centuries, Belgium has earned a reputation for their immensely practical, yet liveable homes that combine elements of functionality and understated elegance for a signature look. As minimalist design grows in popularity throughout the North American market, it’s no surprise that European influences are being adopted in efforts to offer this luxurious simplicity. Belgian design can be recognized in it’s uses of natural light, statement furniture, and muted tones – characteristics which are often poorly replicated by large corporations.

What separates authentic Belgian style from that of mass production, is QUALITY. In stripping away noise and clutter, true Belgian design is revealed in the details and craftsmanship of every furnishing. The style evokes a rich, warm feeling in their use of naturally inspired materials and linen, but is distinguished from competitors in the modularity and longevity of their product. High quality Belgian pieces are unlike anything on the market and are built with a love and precision that is unique to the country. 

Belgian design offers thoughtful minimalism without casting a severe look, creating homes that feel fresh, warm, and comfortable for everyone. This juxtaposition has made Belgian influence a industry-leader for single dwellings and family homes alike, as it effortlessly reflects personal style. Interiors that are designed with quality furniture at the heart, create space for personality and innovation to be demonstrated through the use of colour palettes, architecture, and statement pieces. A home is brought to life by those who live there, and with Belgian design, tailor-made products are used to tell the story.

With IDC Home, now’s the right time to invest in luxury

While European design is widely sought after and admired – specifically in the Canadian market – it’s access is often restricted due to import tax and logistics. This is known to cause tremendous delays and design friction, moreso following the Covid-19 pandemic. IDC Home has expertly positioned itself as a leader in the importation of award winning high quality furniture, earning it’s reputation by handling all logistics and administration on behalf of the designer. Working with premium Belgian brands, IDC Home coordinates shipping, administration, and international communications, and does so in highly efficient production times which rival that of Canadian companies.

IDC Home has built their foundation around three key principles: quality, innovation, and sustainability. It is these characteristics which not only guide their efforts, but that of the brands they proudly work with. Each brand encapsulates these values in their product and processes, to provide a 360 degree experience that represents premium Belgian luxury. IDC Home ensures that Belgian’s functional yet beautiful style is accessible for every design project that ranges from domestic to commercial, and everything in between.

The Belgian Design Experience Centre located in Toronto, showcases these incredible styles in such a way that they can be conceptualized into larger design projects and experienced firsthand. Belgian furniture involves extensive engineering to provide maximum utility and functionality, which can be demonstrated in the showroom for designers, architects and retailers alike. The centre is a premiere destination to connect with the IDC Home brand and experience their creativity, precision and passion for transforming a house into a home. 


Belgian design is the right choice for every home, in its ability to couple refined elegance with everyday function. As homes begin to take on more responsibility than ever before, now’s the time to invest in quality furniture, tailored to every personal lifestyle. Explore Belgian design for your next project, and book an appointment to visit our showroom this Fall.