Why work with us

Product training

In our Belgian Design Experience Centre, IDC Home will host small group training sessions twice a month. In these sessions, we will provide you with inspiration, with detailed info on the latest design trends, product training and support for your ongoing design projects.



Administrative and logistical support

IDC Home works with one logistics partner who facilitates the full logistical flow and who ensures a safe arrival of each product from the Belgian supplier to its Canadian destination. (Even up to the individual home in Canada if required!)



CETA Trade Agreement

The CETA (Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement) between Canada and Europe reduces most tariffs/duties to zero. Now is the ideal moment to bring stylish Belgian interior design to your home!


Local sales & design professionals

Ilse De Cleene is a local sales and design professional who has lived in Canada since 2011. She has both Belgian and Canadian citizenship and is fluent in English, French & Dutch. Experienced in interior design and sales retail, she is always available during Canadian working hours for troubleshooting or any assistance you may need.  Having a strong connection to both countries, she has a deep understanding of the European market and culture.