IDC Home is a Canadian manufacturing agent of bespoke Belgian interior design, servicing key retailers, designers, decorators, and architects in the retail, hospitality and outdoor-living industries.

The IDC Home mission is to make your client’s house feel like a home. We accomplish this by providing customers with the very best furnishings Belgium has to offer, while removing the challenges typically encountered with internationally trading and shipping. We strive to operate in a way that fosters trust, transparency and creates 100% confidence in our customer.

Easy logistics

One logistics partner who facilitates the safe arrival of each product from the Belgian supplier to its Canadian destination.

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Customer service

Support from a local sales & design professional who has lived in Canada since 2011 and maintains both Canadian & Belgian citizenships. IDC Home representatives are always available during Canadian business hours for troubleshooting and assistance. For this reason, time zone differences are never an issue.

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Product training

In our Belgian Design Experience Centre, we provide you with inspiration, detailed info on the latest design trends, product training and support for your ongoing design projects.

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Representing a list of award-winning Belgian suppliers – the true “best of the best” of innovative Belgian interior design – IDC Home brings only the highest quality furnishings from Belgium to Canada.


Everybody knows that Belgium is famous for diamonds, beers and chocolate. But, you’ll be amazed by the creativity and high quality of our refined design products! Immerse yourself in the world of exclusive creations and state of the art design innovations.