RENSON® is a leading European brand in the sector of natural ventilation, outdoor sun protection systems and outdoor furnishing. With its products RENSON® offers new perspectives on how to enjoy the external space. The company was born in Belgium and pursues the mission of “creating healthy spaces”, to quote its claim. With its vast array of propositions, RENSON® manufactures innovative products for any type of building and the surrounding space aimed at creating healthy, comfortable and easy-to-use environments, to minimize the building power consumption, always guaranteeing an innovative and attractive design. The deep local roots of the company have never put a strain to its worldwide presence. The ambition to grow from a simple Belgian company to being a global actor for the well-being and comfort of the indoor and outdoor spaces with ventilation and fabrics for the sun protection, next to the covering of terraces and pergolas, have laid the foundation for the company to expand its market outreach. As a matter of fact, from Europe, RENSON® has expanded its distribution network, which is still growing at current, to cover all European countries, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and now Canada.

For those who love spending time outdoor sheltered from the sunlight, RENSON® offers several solutions that shape chill and shaded spaces. A large series of systems to meet any needs, that perfectly integrate with the building structure. There is the elegant and minimalist Lapure®, with screen fabrics that protect from atmospheric agents and that has to be fitted to an existing façade; the bioclimatic Skye® pergolas with a roof made of louvers that can be rotated to control the amount of sunlight and ventilation, up to forming a perfectly flat roof with a minimal space in between the blades. The range of covers is completed by the Algarve® and Camargue® systems composed of freestanding structures that can be installed in any corner of the garden, with fix or sliding side panels, available in diverse types of materials and fabrics for infinite choices of customization.


One of the accessories apt to be combined with RENSON® products is LED light, that seamlessly integrates within the structure and can be managed by remote control. A must-have accessory for those who love enjoying some good music is the sound system. Always integrated inside the beam, it uses the “Plane Wave” technology, emitting direct sound waves that can expand in a distance. Aluminum and screen fabrics are the combined materials. Aluminum withstands atmospheric agents and wear, while the fabrics exclusively made of fiberglass, shades from the sun and filters the sun rays, while ensuring a certain level of transparency. Fiberglass is a perfect combination of elegance and resistance to moisture and heat. The color palette is quite rich. The covers are available in over 50 different shades, allowing for limitless color combinations between the structures and the fabrics.