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Royal Botania is the brand that designs iconic luxury outdoor furniture for cosmopolitans with a passion for finesse. By using only the highest quality materials and top craftsmanship, it guarantees the best quality with a combination of beautiful design, sustainability and technicity.

Royal Botania sets the tone for outdoor design worldwide. Their stylish outdoor teakwood furniture has adorned gardens, terraces, hotels, yachts, and more for many years. Due to its enormous stability, renowned resistance to the elements, attractive hue and structure, teakwood is widely considered the noblest of all wood species.

“It was the early 90’s when we created the Royal Botania brand. In those days, luxury and refinement, was limited to the indoor spaces, and very rarely found outdoor. Our goal was to change that. Royal Botania is a testimony of where, our inspiring journey of love for creation, passion for perfection and striving for excellence, has taken us. I hope you will share our enthusiasm and welcome you to indulge in finesse.”
– Kris Van Puyvelde, Founder Royal Botania


Each design is based on three key elements: aesthetics, ergonomics and engineering. They determine the DNA of every single concept. Blending these ingredients together, while fine-tuning their balance, is our basic recipe. The eye for details and the exquisite finish come as complementary toppings.

With this formula, our in-house design team, led by our founder Kris Van Puyvelde, has earned international appreciation, and won multiple design awards on both sides of the Atlantic. Additionally, we engage the talents of carefully selected external designers, to broaden our horizon. All this creativity has resulted in a wide range of charismatic products, known as the Royal Botania collection.