Reclaim Your Outdoor Space With Innovative Design Solutions Pt.2

Illuminate your space with smarter lighting solutions by Heatsail

Mimic an indoor glow and warmth in your outdoor spaces with lighting and heating solutions that create the perfect oasis, year round. To love your outdoor space is to gather, celebrate, and spend time in an environment which encourages connection and extends your greatest moments. Established in 2012, Heatsail embodies the outdoor experience as a true way of life. In producing products that are both functional and beautiful, this Belgian brand has redefined luxury lighting, bringing innovation and leading technology to the forefront of smart outdoor design.  

These real furniture pieces provide a combination of lighting, heating and cooling solutions, for open and covered spaces. In providing additional warmth and shade when it’s needed most, each collection is streamlined for elegance and protection from the elements. Using elegant design, Heatsail solutions blend harmoniously into your surroundings to create a sense of exclusivity and relaxation that cannot be found elsewhere on the market. Their leading DOME collection offers only the best in technical knowledge and craftsmanship, extending your outdoor season in a way that reflects personal style.

Each luxury light is designed with separate control settings for heating and lighting, complete with a bluetooth speaker system and movable wheels for optimal placement and entertainment. Made of stainless steel and aluminum, these all-season fixtures are equipped with FAR-infrared technology to meet even the most intricate needs of your space – regardless of size or scope. The incredibly popular DOME collection is now available in Canada, through IDC Home.      

Their use of FAR-infrared heating and thermal therapy stimulates the metabolism and helps to restore the human nervous system, adding a preventive health and wellness layer to the functionality of these products. Due to today’s high level of stress, the body’s natural ability to heal is often compromised, directly impacting the spaces in which we work and play. Heatsail’s ability to weave this technology and its health benefits into their high quality furniture, has leveraged their solutions on the market making them highly attractive imports. Creating a liveable, enjoyable outdoor space remains at the heart of this brand’s mission, and lends itself to thoughtfully designing an outdoor oasis which brings comfort and convenience.      

Reclaim your outdoor space, and recreate interior moments in the sanctuary of your backyard, patio or terrace with the highly innovative Heatsail, now discoverable through IDC Home.

Make every moment spent at home, count

There are memories just waiting to be made with the creation of a thoughtful outdoor space. Curate meaningful, long-lasting experiences that transcend your home’s interior and are seamless in beauty and function. Using Belgian’s eye for design, high quality craftsmanship and innovation, experience premium outdoor concepts that are one-of-a-kind in the existing Canadian market. Reclaim your outdoor space with furniture that reflects your personal style, while providing longevity and growth for your home’s future.

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