Reclaim Your Outdoor Space With Innovative Design Solutions Pt.1

Reclaim Your Outdoor Space With Innovative Design Solutions

Despite our best efforts, why is it that our outdoor spaces seem to lack the lustre and appeal of their indoor counterparts? Is it the weather? The availability of quality furniture? The change in lifestyle? Too often, we miss the opportunity to create small, meaningful moments in our own backyard, neglecting an essential piece of the home. On the heels of European trends, Canada has begun to adopt this idea that luxury and refined design are not exclusive to the interior, yet there remains a lack of quality resources needed to create a space which will stand the test of time.

In partnering with esteemed Belgian companies with an eye for outdoor composition, IDC Home provides access to exclusive design concepts that rest on the pillars of quality, style and innovation. Royal Botania and Heatsail are two brands which produce striking furniture with superior craftsmanship that not only looks the part, but meets the needs of every household. When you design with IDC Home, you’re taking the first step in reclaiming your outdoor living space and creating memorable moments for years to come. 

Indulge in finesse with Royal Botania

In recognizing a significant gap in the market, Royal Botania has been instrumental in reinventing what it means to experience true outdoor luxury, since the early 90’s. Striving for excellence in every single piece, Royal Botania is known for their stylish and sustainable design that offers comfortability and creativity.   

Royal Botania’s design is based on three elements: aesthetics, ergonomics and engineering. Through the use of different moods, themes and styles, the in-house design team creates outdoor concepts which encourage relaxation and connectivity: the true essence of any thoughtfully designed space. With the addition of each new collection, this brand offers a variety of outdoor furniture solutions including tables, chairs, loungesets, hammocks, umbrellas, lighting, cushions and other premium accessories. When you invest in Royal Botania, you’re investing in the highest quality product on the market, with the added value of total trust and reliability. Royal Botania furniture not only reflects your style and personality, but can be counted on to carry you through life’s many seasons and changes.

With inspiration derived from nature itself, Royal Botania has curated upwards of forty collections, each with its own unique style. With something for every aesthetic and taste, furnishings are tasteful and designed for individual and/ or group collection. Style your deck, terrace, poolside or back patio with sophisticated pieces that feel like you. With Royal Botania’s custom options, it’s simple to adjust the colour or material where applicable, to ensure that the finished product is one which represents your lifestyle, just as the interior of your home is tailored to your personality. Belgian design is one without compromise. With all-weather pieces and enhanced comfort options, there’s no need to choose between style and functionality, when you invest in Royal Botania.    

Learn to love your space again, and create an outdoor oasis that speaks to you. Whether you’re looking for wood and rugged lines, or minimalist tones and natural light, Royal Botania is the only solution for all your outdoor living needs, now available in Canada with IDC Home.