Bespoke Linens for your Home and Hospitality Projects

A luxurious finishing touch to a home, hotel or restaurant

Next time you’re looking for linens that add refinement and luxury, and perfectly integrate into your design project, then you should look no further than Mirabel Slabbinck to deliver the highest quality bed, bath and table linens with the broadest range of customizability.

Chateau Castigno
Hertog Jan
Gite 46

Who is Mirabel Slabbinck?

Mirabel Slabbinck is a Belgian producer of fine, customizable bed, bath and table linens for residential and hospitality markets. Most recent hospitality projects include:

  • Chateau Castigno – bed, bath and table linens for French Michelin star hotel and vineyard
  • Hertog Jan – table linens for the Michelin star restaurant ranked #65 in the world
  • Gite 46 – boutique holiday rental house in Knokke, Belgium. 

They also regularly produce linens for luxury yachts and private airplanes.

Atelier Slabbinck was founded by gold embroiderer, Hendrik Slabbinck, in 1903 in Bruges, Belgium.  He became renowned as the producer of liturgical robes, and even still today they continue to embrace the centuries-old craftsmanship of gold embroidery and provide garments for the current Pope Francis.

Four generations later, Mirabel Slabbinck decided to expand the family business and make these quality linens accessible to everyone. 

When your clients are looking to inject a traditional sense of beauty into their business or home, to set a beautiful dining table, create the ultimately designed and comfortable bedroom, or add luxurious softness to the bathroom, then Mirabel Slabbinck can make it happen.

Creating your bespoke designs

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Bedroom design
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Custom Towels and Bathrobes

Selecting your fabric

You begin your design with Mirabel Slabbinck by selecting the fabric; Percale, Satin or Linen. The 100% Egyptian cotton fabric comes in a range of thread counts from 200 to 1000, and the linens offer unrivalled softness and comfort because of the naturally breathable quality. Made from European flax fibre, linen is considered one of the most durable and sustainably sourced fabrics. 

Selecting your finishing

Once you have selected the fabric, you can can select from the existing design collection, or completely design your own. There are embroidery threads and ribbons in an array of colours and styles to match any design plan. Finally, you can choose from a variety of finishing options such as whether a duvet cover is closed with buttons, a zipper, or open-ended, or what type of closures and seams your pillow cases and shams have. The possibilities for customization are seemingly endless.

The Designers Advantage?

Incorporating Mirabel Slabbinck into your design plan not only offers your clients the most exclusive, personalized linens available, it also helps you increase your revenue potential. Contact an IDC Home sales representative to start creating bespoke linens for your next hospitality or home renovation project.