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Discover Domani and Royal Botania

Are you looking for exciting new products for your next landscaping or exterior design project? Transform your next residential or commercial outdoor living space into an oasis with exclusive Domani planters and Royal Botania’s luxury outdoor furniture.

Lava - Terracotta Pot
Cortina - Corten Steel Planter
In Out - Zinc bench with planter


Outdoor and Indoor pots and planters

Domani is one of the only creators of extra large terracotta planters. Every Domani piece is made by hand, formed by craftsmen, using age old methods that make each piece unique. Along with a wide range of shapes, sizes and clay colours to choose from, custom orders are also a possibility.

The pots and planters are made using one of three different materials:


Domani uses high-quality clay made from a kaolin base with special properties. While baking, the clay will coalesce so that virtually no absorption of water is possible. Our terracotta absorbs no more than 3 to 4% of water which ensures that our planters are frost-proof.


The aesthetic rust look of Corten steel gives a contemporary feel to residential and commercial landscape design. Corten steel is perfectly suited for making planters as it is durable enough to survive the extreme temperature variations of Canadian Winters and Summers. Frost- and crack-resistant, Corten steel develops an attractive surface patina but will never rust through.    


The zinc planters are used extensively in European urban landscape design. The titanium-zinc plates, soldered together with tin, contain 4% silver which makes them extremely durable in varying weather conditions. When exposed to humid air or water it will naturally oxidize, first forming a protective layer of white powder, then changing to a light grey patina. Each of the zinc pots has a built-in water drain.

Royal Botania

Luxury Outdoor Furniture

The luxury outdoor furniture of Royal Botania can transform any residential or commercial outdoor space into and oasis.  By only using the highest quality materials combined with top craftsmanship, Royal Botania produces sleek, striking furniture collections. Whether you are looking for an outdoor furniture solution for a cottage retreat or for a large hotel seating area, the vaste collection of Royal  Botania has a solution for every project.

Royal Botania leads the world in creating stunning outdoor furniture for patios, pools, gardens and homes that is both stylish and sustainable. The stunning selection of lounge sets offers an outdoor entertainment space to every taste and function, and the Alura 195 lounge chair is the perfect poolside seat with its patented piston built into one of the back legs to easily adjust the back, seat and knees into the most comfortable “Spa Position”. The Palma strut-less umbrella has won the “Best of the Best” Red Dot award for its sleek design and innovative engineering. Royal Botania uses only the highest quality aluminum and teak to create long-lasting, beautifully designed outdoor furniture.

Sustainably Sourced Teak wood

Known for its resistance to the elements and durability, only mature teak wood is used for the production of Royal Botania furniture to ensure a strong product. In 2011, Royal Botania created the Green Forest Plantation Co., and planted over 250,000 Teak trees on 200 hectares/500 acres of land in Thailand so create a sustainable source for their teak furniture production. Their sustainable business model based upon regenerative forest growth allows them to produce finely crafted outdoor furniture with reduced environmental impact.


For more information contact IDC Home, or come and see examples of these beautiful planters and furniture in our TIDC showroom. 


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