Home Office Transformation

Taking the home office to the next level!

Since many of us will be working from home, at least part-time, for the foreseeable future, it is important that we have a comfortable, productive space to work in. Now is a great time to convert an under-utilized room in the house, or dedicate and area of the living space to include a serene, functional area for working while adding beautiful, timeless Belgian design. Simple changes such as an acoustic solution to improve the sound quality for all of the video conferencing we’ve become accustomed to, or upgrading the office furniture to define a dedicated work area, IDC Home has many solutions that will help you perform the perfect home office transformation.

Bloom Room Divider
Caress Room Divider
Intense Room Divider
Meisterwerke - Acoustic Divider
Flocart - Soft Touch Onyx

Room Dividers and Acoustics

A room divider is a great solution for setting off an area of the room as an office without closing the space and making it feel small and cramped. It not only delineates different functional areas within the room, but creates an opportunity to add accessories and additional storage space.

Zymbioz by Mintjens

The Bloom line offers a room divider that is only partially closed so clutter can be hidden away without compromising an open plan. Optional coloured metal inserts that function as shelf dividers also create a nice accent.
The shelves for the Caress room dividers have curved edges allowing you to choose the shape of the room divider upon assembly. Depending on the direction you put the shelves, you can create a straight, bowed, or wavy divider as shown below. You also have the choice of two heights and the number of vertical units to include.
The Intense bookshelf with metal frame and wooden shelving can also be used to divide a space yet still leaving it light and airy.


Alongside the stunning Gobelin panels, Meisterwerke also offers acoustic panels with unique 3D fabrics. These panels can be combined with the Gobelin fabrics or used on their own for a more subtle ambience. The highest grade of acoustic foam ensures optimal sound absorption to reduce noise.


Another way to reduce noise in a space is by adding wallpaper. Soft Touch Onyx wallpaper by Flocart is a textile wall covering based on a non-woven lamination with a velvet top layer. Onyx has a rich and warm surface that can change the rooms acoustics. It comes in two color schemes with bespoke options, and it’s so soft, you have to feel to believe it!


Mintjens has several options for desks, all of which come with further customizability options for finishing to fit into any design.

  • The Caress desk combines elegant wooden curves with luxurious fabrics. Not only this surprising mix of materials but also the innovative design creates an eye catching piece.
  • The Bloom desk incorporates slots to hide charging cables for phones and laptops, and a drawer that pulls out fully for maximum storage possibility. This piece is available in several wood finishes and and a choice of four neutral colours for the drawer front.
  • The Intense desk has an elegant and timeless design. Made of 12mm thick solid metal frame and wood top, it is incredibly sturdy while maintaining a delicate appearance. The wood is also available in a selection of wood colours.
Intense Desk
Caress Desk
Bloom Desk


Every home office needs storage to hide away clutter and keep the working area stress and mess free. Each line in the Mintjens collection offers beautiful cabinets and shelving. Because the finishes on these pieces are coordinated, the various lines can be combined to create the perfect solution.  


Bloom Storage
Intense Cabinets
O'Wall Shelves

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