The Establishment of IDC Home

The establishment of IDC Home

Belgian design is getting more and more popular among Canadians. To facilitate the import of Belgian interior design products that were previously unavailable outside of Europe, IDC Home was established. Their mission is to meet the needs of Canadian design lovers by bringing bespoke Belgian furniture to Canada.

Interior design view

How Belgian design is conquering the Canadian market

Trade relationships between Europe and Canada are increasing rapidly. More and more often, Canadians are charmed by the trendy designs Belgians are creating. However, the financial, linguistic and logistical aspects that go along with importing these products slow down the process forming a barrier for Canadians who wish to buy these designs. 

The establishment of IDC Home

IDC Home was established to facilitate the import of Belgian interior design products that where previously unavailable outside of Europe. In 2017, Ilse De Cleene founded IDC Home to eliminate the challenges typically encountered when internationally trading and shipping. Today, IDC Home has grown to a team of four dedicated Belgian design enthusiasts who facilitate the safe arrival of design product from Belgian suppliers to various Canadian destinations. But their mission goes way beyond.

 “The best of the best” Belgian design 

By thoughtfully selecting a list of award-winning Belgian brands, IDC Home aims to bring only the highest quality furnishings from Belgium to Canada. Moreover, the Belgian team provides excellent support to their customers that transcends cultural boundaries so that Canadian customers will get the products ​they desire without having to make the large investments ​typically required.

The Experience Centre

As a way to further support and reach out to the Canadian market, IDC Home’s Belgian Design Experience Centre will open its doors soon. By exhibiting Belgian interior design furniture, the Experience Centre aims to offer a real-live view on the latest design trends. Check out our Experience Centre by clicking the button below.