Why Canadian Designers Need to Invest in Living Room Luxury

Why Canadian Designers Need to Invest in Living Room Luxury

When crafting the design for a new living room, it’s only natural for a homeowner to envision having specific characteristics in their home. Comfort, functionality, ability to entertain, and visual appeal are non-negotiables that appear on many wishlists. The living room is a space that plays into these functions and is also representative of personality and tone. Luxury living room design creates a space of the highest quality and function, that invites utilization of every square inch. There is intention behind every piece within its composition, making it most meaningful for family, friends and guests to enjoy. As a designer, it is imperative to work with brands who help to deliver on value, quality and innovation, to ensure that a client’s personality can be seen and understood by the furniture in their space. 

IDC Home proudly collaborates with contemporary brands to offer a luxury design that’s fitted to every client. Moome and Indera, both Belgian brands, concentrate on innovative functionality and creating an entirely unique framework around their clientele’s habits for work and play. Using premium fabrics, textiles, design concepts and durable manufacturing, Indera and Moome have created opportunities for exceptional quality and comfort, while reinventing luxury to be adaptable in any living space.

Moome makes it possible

Standing for compact and affordable contemporary design, Moome takes pleasure in the performance of their products and their place within a client’s home. This Belgian design label works to provide for an audience that knows what it wants and offers them high-quality, yet timeless designs. The brand collaborates with local and international designers to create practical, contemporary concepts and avoid mainstream, overused designs. As a Designer, incorporating pieces that look and feel authentic is a critical piece in the room’s overall success, and oftentimes make the distinction between satisfactory and exceptional. 

Moome brands themselves as an affordable luxury company, positioning them inside a niche market. Given the current landscape, clients tend to shy away from luxury brands due to reputation and the attached price tag. The Moome label strives for inclusivity, and makes their collection of furniture and accessories affordable to their users without compromising premium design and comfort. Dedicated to creating a multifunctional living space with interchangeable furniture, Moome responds to their users’ needs by creating the desired premium-quality furniture, providing a focused customer service model. Known for effortless adaptability, an investment with Moome creates space for a designer to utilize playful concepts with stress-free, low maintenance furniture that is sure to please every client in the current market.

Design with Moome, now accessible with IDC Home. 

Indera understands customized comfort

What started as a business in traditional furniture manufacturing, the Mecam-group is now a Belgian family business of over 40 years. As one of six design labels from the Mecam-group, Indera boasts the craftsmanship and dedication from generations past, with the modern and contemporary style that is sought after in today’s market. Known for the highest standard of upholstered furniture, Indera has a strong reputation for it’s factory tested pieces that are consistently manufactured to perfection and built to serve a lifetime in any home. Perhaps the strongest value of this brand is family, and the ability of its furniture to transcend generations as it grows with the user. This is a unique and incredible selling point for designers, who aim to build with their clients a long term vision and aesthetic for the home, using pieces that are trusted worldwide. 

With their variety of sofas and seating, Indera prides themselves on a customer-centric approach. By creating identity in a living room which embodies the user’s habits, customers are invited inside the brand as it evolves into a reflection of themselves. What is most attractive about this brand is the total functionality and modularity of the pieces – a trait not commonly found in the current market. Each sofa provides a contemporary look for premium beauty and entertainment, with hidden features just beneath the surface. Reclining functions, additional storage, and moveable sections create a versatility that is essential to every home. In offering these products, users do not surrender comfort or practicality for the look of luxury, allowing designers to make recommendations which fit the functional requirements of their client(s). As a designer, offering both beauty and function for a client’s home is a winning solution for any space. 

Through collaborations both local and abroad, strategies are being developed for innovative, contemporary pieces with Indera. Offering flexibility for users to provide scope and input, all sofas are designed to match preference and uniqueness to its owner, while using top quality manufacturing and premium fabrics that boast exclusivity in the Canadian market. With Indera, furniture is constructed with fine details, modular functionality and design freedom, giving users customizable furniture for their living spaces, and designers an opportunity to build a dream space in any portfolio. 

Experience Indera’s Luxury, now through IDC Home.

Belgian design offers a solution for the Canadian market

With only the highest quality of products, IDC Home offers Belgian minimalist design, a first in the Canadian market. Timeless, functional and innovative, users can entertain and relax in affluence with labels that understand thoughtfully designed spaces, using furniture that’s custom to the client. The attention to detail coupled with a receptive coziness in the product is the first of its kind, and widely sought after in the modern housing industry. Moome and Indera are home to the perfect products for functional and contemporary living, with the added features of storage and comfort that are disguised as beauty. Offering a solution for ergonomic furniture that won’t compromise style, IDC Home provides access to a Belgian brand portfolio that meets the needs of every client, and creates a seamless experience for designers, architects and retailers alike.

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